Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tommy Peoples, Lewes Saturday Folk Club

Published Date: 21 September 2009
FIDDLER Tommy Peoples gave a masterful and well-received performance in Lewes despite suffering the loss of his usual instrument.
Tommy, from Donegal, had to borrow a fiddle for the gig at the Elephant and Castle after a thief stole his fiddle from his car the day before the Lewes Saturday Folk Club show on Saturday.

The appreciative audience followed up the applause later with some e mails of congratulation.
One of the e mails from a fan from the Isle of Wight said: " Thank you for organising such an amazing gig last night. Literally took my breath away a few times. Real traditional music, taking us to some other place. I drove home without putting any other music on and had his playing going on in my head till I went to sleep around 2.30am."

Fans also came from as far away as Devon and London.

Tommy performed for more than 90 minutes and his solo playing is described as "heart-stoppingly beautiful, delicate, intricate and inventive: it demands careful concentration rather than foot-pounding and whooping."

Members of the audience who also contributed a tune or two during the evening included Mandy Murray and Ben Paley on anglo concertina and fiddle, Dirk Campbell on Uilleann pipes and Elle Osborne on voice and fiddle.

Tommy's all-day fiddle workshop during the day was also sold out with a long waiting list.

Next week's guest is the American Jeff Warner who accompanies his American traditional songs with banjo, guitar and concertina.


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