Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vazzy hit concert series

The duo Vazzy brings you traditional melodies and songs from Acadia, Quebec and France. From medieval sonorities with a hint of Arabic and Breton, to lively French-Canadian fiddle tunes.

Their engaging and dynamic performances are sure to make you laugh at times and experience very touching moments at others.

Vazzy’s repertoire of humourous songs and instrumentals with infectious toe-tapping rhythms are sure to liven-up the occasion.

As well, the ballads will take you to an intimate space where you will feel the life and emotions of a people through time.

From a large family in Northern New-Brunswick, Suzanne Leclerc sings and plays a variety of instruments including foot-tapping, spoon playing, doumbeck, bodhran, jews harp, harmonica and button accordion.

She shares her Acadian traditions through her warm vocals and touching interpretations. Bryn Wilkin brings life to the string instruments — playing fiddle, mandolin, banjo and oud (Arabic luth). In addition to his tasty song accompaniments, he draws the instrumentals pieces from his wide repertoire of traditional Canadian and French-Canadian tunes.

Vazzy has performed from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland and south in Washington State and California.

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