Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mountain View students learn how to turn iPad into 'Magic Fiddle'

"Seventh-grader Heejung Chung walked into the Apple Store in Palo Alto on Wednesday evening with a violin in a hard case strapped on her back, but spent the next hour playing the iPad on her shoulder.
Heejung was invited to attend a workshop with nine other students hosted by Apple and presented by Ge Wang, whose company Smule created the iPad app 'Magic Fiddle.' As the students from Community School of Music and Arts in Mountain View sat on stools around a circular island at the back of the store, each with an iPad in hand, Wang began the lesson.
'Have good posture,' said Wang, a Stanford assistant professor in music and computer science who founded Smule in 2008 less than two miles from the Apple Store on University Avenue. 'Don't slouch.' When their chins touched the iPad screen, graphic bubbles streamed across it and the iPad was turned into a violin."

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