Friday, June 4, 2010

Irish Arts Weekend Brings Concerts, Workshops

Randall BaysImage by tom frog via Flickr
"For Irish fiddler Randal Bays, his first brush with Irish folk music was a bit like divine inspiration.

“It just hit me,” Bays says. “I was so excited by it that I was awake all night talking to someone about it. It didn’t make a lot of sense because I’m not Irish, but I’ve been lucky to have come in to contact with the greatest musicians.”

It was the 1970s in Portland, Ore., and a few friends had asked Bays to attend a concert with them. The Indiana-born guitarist was instantly hooked by the beauty and excitement of Irish folk music. Not long afterwards, he found a fiddle and began teaching himself how to play traditional Irish music —�a challenge that is not as simple as learning proper technique and buying sheet music. Irish folk music is an oral tradition —�the tunes are passed from musician to musician during playing sessions."

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