Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ashley MacIsaac ready to settle down

Ashley MacIsaac performing at the Burlington S...Image via Wikipedia"The one-time Cape Breton bad boy is talking about settling down.

Ashley MacIsaac has been lying low in his adopted hometown of Windsor, Ont., and even looking at buying a house.

But the mercurial spirit remains. A creative urge to resist being tied down to one place or style of music is in evidence on his latest record, Crossover, which comes out in June.

Crossover has the genre-busting qualities of his breakout 1995 bestseller, Hi How Are You Today?.

'I've gone back to the original concept of finding ways of incorporating fiddle songs into other forms of music,' said the 36-year-old Celtic fiddler, who moved to Windsor in July 2008.

The idea came to him just after his abortive run at the federal Liberal leadership in 2006.

'I went to Scotland for a couple of months, and came back with the thought of making a new record similar to the earlier crossover records.'"

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