Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tosa East student takes fiddle skills to Ireland

"Tosa East orchestra director Jeff Sturgeon didn't know he had a world-class Irish fiddler in his class.

And, modest as she is, junior Caitlin Helmers didn't tell him - he found out during a conversation with Caitlin's mother.

But as surprised as he was to hear Caitlin had spent a week in August at the All-Ireland Music Festival, it wasn't a total shock, either.

'She's a talented musician,' Sturgeon said. 'She always practices hard.'

Caitlin, who plays violin in the East orchestra, took up the Irish fiddle about five years ago. She was an Irish dancer, and her interest was piqued by the musicians playing during the dance competitions.

So Caitlin, who has been playing violin since the first grade, decided to start taking fiddle lessons at the Irish Fest Center, just around the corner from Tosa East."

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